PLLSMA is a government decision making body established under Section 110(1) of the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local level Governments. Its core function is to implement national policies at the provincial level. Membership is made up of key national government agencies at Departmental Head level to coordinate their work on policy implementation and service delivery. The Chairman is the secretary for the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs. DPLGA provides technical and secretariat support to PLLSMA.


While the Organic Law lays out a number of functions, PLLSMA’s primary function is to coordinate and monitor the implementation of national policies at the provincial and local level government levels. It is also tasked to:

A) establish and monitor basic minimum standards for urban and rural communities through the sectors which make up membership of PLLSMA.

B) coordinate support for capacity buillding needs of the national public service in the provinces

C) establish Provincial Coordination and Monitoring Committees (PCMCs) to undertake the functions of PLLSMA in the provinces.

D) asses the efficiency and effectiveness of Provincial and Local Level Governments

E) advice the minister for Provincial and Local level Governments on matters relating to the strengthening of decentralization.

“PLLSMA creates the opportunity for annual consultations with the Provincial Governors”