About Us

The National Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs’ (DPLGA’s) prime responsibility is to support provinces and local-level governments to perform their duties under the Organic Law.

The Organic Law

The preamble to the Organic Law establishes the provincial and local governments as legitimate governments within the three tiers of government in Papua New Guinea.

It also stipulates that the key rational for this division of responsibility is to provide basic services in water, health, education, transportation, communication, accommodation and social order through self reliance; where each and every citizen of the nation is given the opportunity to participate and benefit in development. It explicitly states that the provincial governments and local level governments were established and given the responsibility for improved service delivery.

The Organic Law provides for PLLSMA, the provincial administrators and district administrators responsibilities for monitoring and coordinating the implementation of national policies; building the capabilities of staff in the provinces; and developing the capacity of provinces and LLGs to operate as governments efficiently and effectively.

The Department’s mandate comes from the Organic Law on the Provincial Governments and Local Level Governments (Organic Law) and the legislation assigned to the minister by the National Executive Council.


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