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Minister for Inter Government Relations

As Minister for Inter Government Relations its gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to our website. The Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs (DPLGA) under my Ministry performs an important role as the mother department to all provincial and Local-level Governments in the country by facilitating and coordinating the provision of the necessary support to enhance their effective functioning.

Our three tier democratic system of Government and our Constitution provide the basis for the decentralized system of Government in our country. The spirit and intent of this system is to bring government closer to the people, allowing for greater participation and more informed decision making by the people. The Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments are the delivery vehicles that are placed at the forefront to deliver basic services. The Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments defines the roles and responsibilities of the second and third levels of Government and their affiliation to the National Government.

What is of critical importance is that these lower levels of Government must have competent people operating in a conducive and enabling environment to effectively deliver basic services to our people. The Provincial and Local-level Governments must also have greater powers to make decisions that are relevant to them whilst at the same time ensure to protect national unity.

The O’Neil/Abel Government is committed to strengthening and empowering the front line governments and institutions to improve their effectiveness and ensure efficiency in service delivery and promotion of greater participation in decision making. In the Alotau Accord II, the Government has set specific priorities and deliverables in line with the above commitment and expects all responsible agencies to deliver the deliverables without failure.

The Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs is the national government agency mandated to provide the vital link for coordination and partnership between all stakeholders to mobilize and provide the necessary support to strengthen the lower levels of government and their administrations. Thus, the Department’s plans and strategies must be consistent with and aligned to the directions and priorities of the National Government whilst at the same time capture the needs and aspirations of Provincial and Local-level Governments.

I am satisfied that through our website you can read more and understand the important role that my department plays within the public service machinery and that you also appreciate the activities that we do with the support of our stakeholders to empower our Province and districts.

Thank you.