About Us

The Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs is established by the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Government (OLPLLG) is the lead central agency that performs performs an important role as the mother department to all Provincial and Local-level Governments in the country by facilitating and coordinating the provision of the necessary support to enhance their effective functioning.

Public Service Vision

High performing, ethical and values based leaders in the public sector driving the future of Papua New Guinea.

Our Mission

To provide the vital link between the National Government, Provincial Government, Local-level Government and Municipal Authorities, while empowering and building their capacity to serve the people through sound mentoring, capacity development, monitoring, coordination and partnership activities.

Our Values


– Living a personal and professional life consistent with Christian principles; social norms, family expectations and applies it to the compliance of Public Service policies and procedures.


– DPLGA staff have steadfast adherence to moral and ethical principles both in their private and public life in a manner that attracts respect, trust and a sense of dependability.


– Every staff should develop attitude of being responsible and answerable to their work


– A disciplined approach to work, everyone contributes, every single staff member is critical and managers and supervisors lead by example


– Respect for all irrespective of position, ethnicity, gender, or level of skill and promote gender equality and eliminate discrimination in our organization and our work with stakeholders


– DPLGA staff possesses and practice a capacity for deeper level of understanding of issues involving discernment, intuition, experience and maturity.

– Having the ability to inspire and encourage action from their peers to overcome challenges for the advancement of the people of PNG