Wings and Divisions

Our Department is made up of three (3) Wings which houses various divisions that perform different roles and functions according to the department’s mandated roles and functions as per the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments (OLPLLG) as well as its corporate plan. Below you will see the respective divisions, their functions and the wings they come under.

1. Provincial and Local Level Services Monitoring Authority (PLLSMA) Wing

  • Administer and coordinate implementation of PLLSMA decisions and polices,
  • Administer NEC decisions on service delivery partnership agreements for provinces, and
  •  Administer and coordinate implementation of gradative decentralization and power  sharing arrangements between national government and provincial governments.

  • Facilitate annual regional forums for governors, provincial administrators and CEOs of DDAs
  • Facilitate PLLSMA quarterly meetings and workshops
  • Administrative  and logistics support to PLLSMA Operations.

2. Institutional Strengthening and Rural Service Delivery (ISRSD) Wing

  • Establishment of procedural and operational guide-lines for provincial and LLG’s in accordance with the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Government and other relevant Acts.
  • Provision of advice and guidance on good governance processes and procedures to provincial and LLG’s under the reform.
  • Strengthening capacity of elected leaders and public officials on their roles and responsibilities under the reform.
  • In liaison with other relevant division, e.g., Legal and Policy Division, investigate and resolve issues and complaints on Provincial and LLGs including misconduct in office by elected leaders and public officials.
  • In consultation with PNG Electoral Commission facilities election of LLG’s and the determination of LLG boundaries.
  • Facilitation of the establishment, alteration and abolishing of LLGs, wards and SPAs.
  • Provision of advice to minister through secretary on LLG matters, and
  • Implement National Government’s Rural Service Delivery Programs.

  • Identify capacity development needs of provincial governments and the three (3) City Authorities
  • Provide on-going advisory support to the provincial government leaders and CEOs,
  • Coordinate provision of technical support towards addressing capacity gaps for provincial governments and city authorities, and
  • Coordinate sister cities arrangement and programs.

3. Technical Services and Corporate Support (TSCS) Wing

  • Administration of department’s financial resources and procurement of goods and services in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act and operational guidelines.
  • Administration of department fixed assets.
  • Provide technical advice to management, client divisions and provincial administrations on financial matters.
  • Administration of Department’s human resource needs in terms of HR Planning, recruitment and selection, HR development, employees’ salaries remuneration, industrial relations, and HR information
  • Provision of technical advice and assistance to management, client divisions and provincial administrations on HR matters.
  • Overall Technical support to the department in management of information and its technological systems.
  • Installation and maintenance of computerized information systems for the Department.
  • Provide technical advice and information to the department’s management with regard to IT and related matters.
  • Provide technical assistance in provincial and LLG capacity building in areas of IT.

  • Providing legal advice to the Department, Minister, NEC, CACC, other government agencies and Provincial and Local Level Governments
  • Providing legal representation for the department and Minister
  • Reviewing of legislation relating to Provincial and Local Level Governments
  • Carrying out legislative drafting as required by the Department, Minister, NEC, FLC, and Provincial and Local Level Governments.

  • Administer and coordinate implementation of national government polices and directions,
  • Provide policy advise to Minister and National Government,
  • Conduct policy drafts and reviews as and when required,
  • Carry out ministerial and state obligation and mineral resource development MOAs and forums,
  • Facilitate liaisons and negotiations on external support to the department, and
  • Coordinate NEC submissions.