Secretary’s Office



Hi All and welcome to our website, the priorities of the National Government have remained clear and consistent with its key focus on strengthening and empowering the Provincial and Local level Governments and their front line institutions.

The Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs being the vital link between the National Government and the Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments, is the lead agency to promote the implementation of the policies and priorities of the National Government whilst at the same time act as its eyes and ears to monitor and report on service delivery performance and governance compliance. From the Provincial and Local-level Governments perspective, DPLGA is always looked upon as the mother department responsible for mobilizing, coordinating and providing the required support for their effective functioning and advancement.

Also, we took on board a number of new government decisions and initiatives to support the effectiveness of front line institutions such as, implementation of DDA Act 2014, City Authority Act 2015, and the World Bank Rural Development Projects. The department’s focus then was on the initial startups and piloting to get these initiatives off the ground and I am very pleased to say that we have accomplished some of our key performance indicators that we have set.

Through the new 2018 to 2022 Corporate Plan, the department aims to progress further on these initiatives by strengthening the capacities of the DDAs and City Authorities to serve their intended purposes and to roll out and up scale the rural service delivery projects to additional provinces. The Corporate Plan takes on board the implementation of the 2017 Alotau Accord II priorities and promotes other key government priorities through our stakeholder partnership. The department has also captured and is giving prominence to strengthening partnerships at the National Level through PLLSMA and CACC connections as well as at provincial and district levels through Service Delivery Partnership Agreements and effective functioning PCMCs and DCMCs in order to streamline and compliment efforts and resources for greater success.

We recognize our performance as a lead department and consistent reporting to the National Government is important to us. In the term of our Corporate Plan, we will ensure to strengthen our corporate performance management system to effectively monitor and evaluate our achievements and non-achievements against our Strategic Result Areas, Targets and the Key Performance Indicators.

I once again would like to welcome you all and wish you pleasant viewing.

Thank you.